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1The kneeless is light weight, fast and easy to use, and requires no assembly. The kneeless was made by professional carpet installers for professional carpet installers who understand the damage the knee kicker does to the body. They also understand the technical and logistics of installing carpet.

2The kneeless offers both a side and a length stretch in one motion. This allows precise control of tension and placement with an over all even stretch. Door metal installation is much easier with the kneeless because it gives complete control of placement.Working in confined areas, such as closets and corners is much easier with this carpet tool.

3The kneeless has been in use for fifteen years and has revolutionized carpet installation by producing an evenly distributed and maximum stretch every time.A must for every professional carpet installer.


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Peter the kneeless works awesome,did my 1st lob with it on 11-12-12 ,117 yards in 5 hours with stairs.Before this tool i was using a stretcher with the spike and sometimes tubes,but now this tool will be used all the time,it really stretches the carpet tight. I been installing for 30 years,and wish i had this back then.

Todd September 28, 2016

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Got my kneeless today, used it at home to restretch my lounge carpet, it is now tight as a drum and was a lot better than whacking my knee against the bumper on a knee kicker. Thanks Peter for a great tool

Paul Goodwood, England September 28, 2016

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It’s our first carpet re-stretching project. The kneeless carpet stretcher was extremely easy to learn and use. Needless to say, we did not experience any knee pain during the carpet re-stretching. The stretcher was very effective in helping us to get the room done within minutes. We all felt accomplished when we looked at a waveless carpeted room. Thank you Peter for such an amazing creation.

Beth and Nelson, Cambridge, Ontario September 28, 2016

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Many thanks Peter,
It arrived on Friday! I`m well impressed with the speed and also very pleased with the performance ,quality and control,compared with my last little power stretcher (no longer made by Floorwise) a “Kneesfree” ,with two tail spikes. I will be recommending your system to other fitters over here.

Ken Taylor September 28, 2016

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The kneeless is an impressive tool, easy to use a joy to work with should save my knees and back, uk buyers be aware there is an extra import tax when it arrives in the U.K. Around the £40 mark, which I was not made aware of. Andy Ward


July 14, 2017

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